May 7, 2020
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‘Apollo Express’ concept is a perfect idea for Fortnite Season 3

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This tech YouTuber gave himself the best of both worlds in Fortnite with controller aim assist and scroll-wheel reset.

The keyboard and mouse (KBM) vs. controller debate has been raging since Epic decided to make Fortnite a forced cross-platform game. Since then, other cross-platform games like Call of Duty have been infected with the aim assist debate.

KBM players complain about the power of aim assist on the controller. Controller players, on the other hand, point to the enhanced aiming potential of a mouse as a reason for the power of controller aim assist.

Pros and content creators have gone back and forth on the aim assist topic for months. It’s one of the most played-out arguments in all of gaming with no end in sight.

Via: Epic Games

One of the biggest advantages of using a keyboard and mouse to play Fortnite has nothing to do with aiming, at all – it’s about the editing. Editing is far easier with a mouse, and KBM players have the advantage of the notorious scroll wheel…

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