May 3, 2020
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Dream Emulator Now Available in English Via Fan Translation

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The PS1 was an age of experimental 3D polygon games, but one of the most experimental might have been LSD: Dream Emulator. Fan translators Mr. Nobody and ArcaneAria have fully translated the trippy exploration game LSD: Dream Emulator on PS1 into English.

As an exploration game made to be more like contemporary art, LSD: Dream Emulator is an exploration game largely without words, letting players explore and freely interpret the bizarre or unsettling worlds found inside the game. There are animals, objects, or characters walking about sometimes, and interacting with them may end the dream early. After each dream, a day passes in-game, and as time goes on, more variations appear in the dreams, with swapped textures that make the dreams even more psychadelic. The idea of the game was conceived by Japanese artist Osamu Sato, and the game was developed by Asmik Ace Entertainment.

That said, there are a total of 48 set text-based dreams, and apart from menu translation, this is the…

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