May 4, 2020
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2 Is Currently In Planning Stages

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2 is apparently already in the planning stages, even though Final Fantasy 7 Remake is only around a month old at this point. Nothing is apparently solid yet, but it may be more difficult to make than the first part, as it focuses on the period after Midgar.

In the original Final Fantasy 7, Midgar is the game’s starting point, where the hunt for Sephiroth and the fight against Shinra really get going. However, after you escape from Shinra Tower, the story opens up greatly into a much wider world full of places to explore and people to meet.

For instance, three different party characters, Yuffie, Vincent Valentine, and Cid, all join the party at this point. There are also a large number of story moments, more towns and cities to explore, and fitting all of that in will be a significant challenge to Square Enix.

While it’s already been acknowledged that the remake will have multiple parts to it, Final Fantasy 7 Remake…

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