May 7, 2020
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Fortnite May 7 Maintenance – Patch Notes

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While the Fortnite maintenance is undergoing, Epic Games has suggested us to check the Trello page, but it’s already more than suspicious what this update consists of. It was advertised as an ordinary Maintenance Patch that shouldn’t bring exceptional surprises, but the time the servers are shut down is already implicating of something else.

Small updates are usually not causing extended server downtime, while in this scenario, we have an outage like Epic Games is deploying something bigger. Data miners have already confirmed the update addresses only bugs and has nothing out of the ordinary.

So far, by Epic Games instruction to visit Trello for any changes, we can only find a fix promised for this update. You can find it below:

May 7 Maintenance – Patch Notes

  • Hit / Damage Indicators will sometimes appear to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of the damage.

If any new other changes appear, we’ll update them below.

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