May 22, 2020
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Modern Warfare And Warzone Tease Captain Price Return

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The main character from the franchise could be the next Operator.

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Well, we’ve already gotten some rumors and murmurs about this year’s Call of Duty, allegedly a new entry in the Black Ops series that uses the backdrop of the Cold War. Since that game will most likely launch in October or November, it won’t be too long until its official reveal, but in the meantime, the current game is still getting plenty of updates. And now, we have a tease at something coming up that fans should get a kick out of.

After several weeks of teasing via e-mail and the game’s official website, we finally got a very brief teaser that looks to be hinting at some season four content for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. As you can see below, it’s framed as a conversation about a new Operator with a blurry photo of one unmistakable Captain Price, one of the main characters in the Modern…

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