May 18, 2020
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Mortal Kombat 11 Finally Welcomes Mileena?

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Mortal Kombat is the leader in the fighting game genre. Netherrealm Studios did more than a great job introducing the gory graphics time after time for so many years, 18, to be precise.

The mesmerizing Fatalities, which reached their high in the last three games, are what made the fans stick to this game. However, the fatalities were not as good back in the days, which doesn’t mean fans weren’t crazy about them.

With each game release, there was more content to the game i.e., a variety of fatalities. There were brutalities, animalities, stage fatalities, and of course, friendships (again?!). After MK Trilogy (1996), we haven’t seen any friendship fatalities up until now! NRS released a trailer in which we can see Mileena!

She is still not a playable character *sad MK noises*, but it’s certainly nice to see her interact with her sister at the end of a match in the latest MK game.

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