Jun 1, 2020
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New Horizons Sharks Have Shown Up

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ sharks have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. People can now start scouring the seas to look for telltale shadows that a finned creature is there. Keeping an eye out is a good idea, because even the “least” desirable of the current sharks, the Hammerhead Shark, still will get you 8,000 bells when sold. (The Great White Shark is the most desirable, as it is worth 15,000 bells.) 

There are four sorts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sharks you’ll find in the Northern Hemisphere’s seas. The Whale Shark will be around all day. If you pop by at night, which is designated as the period between 4pm and 9am local time each day, you have a chance of seeing a Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, or Saw Shark in the sea. However, take care. While all shark shadows have a fin, there is also a Suckerfish appearing around this time. It also is found in the sea all day and has a fin. However, its shadow is smaller than a shark’s, which helps to set it…

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