Jun 4, 2020
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CSGO 06/03/2020 Update (v1125) Is Out, Improvements And Fixes

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A brand new patch released for Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment’s CSGO. Take note that this patch is now available on PC (Steam). Their latest patch, CSGO 06/03/2020 Update (v1125), fixed many minor issues in the Anubis map such as z fighting, prop reflections, invisible faces; improved player readability at canal; and also improved overall performance in the game. Below you will find the complete list of all CSGO 06/03/2020 Update (v1125) patch notes.

  • Rendering: Texture streaming now loads textures flagged with no mip maps or no lod at full initial resolution.
  • Maps – Chlorine: Added missing glowy eyes texture.
  • Maps – Anubis: Fixed many minor issues such as z fighting, prop reflections and invisible faces.
  • Maps – Anubis: Improved player readability at canal.
  • Maps – Anubis: Improved performance.
  • Maps – Anubis: Redesigned B main path & entrance.
  • Maps – Anubis: Moved up CT spawn.

Recently, the developers released another…

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