Jun 5, 2020
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Design, Challenges, New Battle Royale Mode, & Life After AAA

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There’s something special about a game that’s as attractive to parents as it is to their four-year-old child. That’s what Cake Bash is all about: accessible entertainment that puts a smile on the faces of the whole family.

But it’s more than just a wholesome distraction for casuals and young’uns; having played a few rounds myself, I can also confirm that running around as sugary treats smothering ourselves in delicious toppings also had a bunch of 30-year-old men giggling, too!

The premise is just so wonderfully silly, and it’s super fun to actually control. No wonder, then, that I’ve been keen to speak with the team at High Tea Frog about their unique little party game ever since.

Luckily for me, publisher Coatsink was able to organize a quick get together with High Tea Frog’s technical artist and director, Laura Hutton. All very well-timed, too, with this week’s announcement of a new brilliantly named battle royale mode called Fork Knife: Gateau Royale, as well…

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