Jun 14, 2020
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Troy Gets New Gameplay, “Trojan Horse” Revealed

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Announced during the PC Gaming Show, Creative Assembly debuted new gameplay from their upcoming spinoff title, A Total War Saga: Troy.

The focus, this time, was on the various ways the mighty walls of Troy can be overcome, either by guile, the force of arms, or even by the destructive wrath of Mother Nature herself.

The famous Trojan Horse was shown, and in this reimagining has been depicted as a massive siege tower in the shape of a horse’s head. Less subtle, perhaps, but similarly effective!

Earthquakes can also be used to reduce the defenses of the city, although precisely how is as yet unknown. If precedent from the Warhammer games is anything to go by, then this is probably a special ability that is used on the campaign map before the city assault takes place.

A Total War Saga: Troy takes place during the famous Trojan War, and is the most ancient epoch ever depicted by the storied strategy franchise. The tragic tale of war, betrayal, and revenge has been brought to life on…

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