Jun 2, 2020
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DayZ Experimental 1.08 Is Live

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Bohemia Interactive is ready for another DayZ update. Even if most of the Bohemia Interactive developers are entirely focused on the development of the Enfusion engine, they are still able to develop updates for DayZ, which confirms their dedication to one of the best survival games out there. For that, the new Experimental 1.08 update has already deployed, adding new content, fixes, and more.

The new experimental patch introduces an utterly different destruction/raiding mechanics. According to the blog post, Fences and Watchtowers are no longer destructible using actions. Now, they can be demolished by melee attacks, firearms, or explosives, which represents a somewhat more realistic and dramatic feature.

Several crashing issues have also been addressed, including server errors, inflicting a better mainstream gameplay experience. For a detailed list of patch notes, you can check the section below.

DayZ 1.08 Experimental Update Changes


  • Added: Sporter 22 and its attachments

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