Jun 23, 2020
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Go Battle League Will Return Today in Pokemon Go

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After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually close to 10 days, Go Battle League Season two will finally return to Pokemon GO. A few days ago it was shut down thanks to an exploit discovered (and used) by trainer JesusG1310. This glitch let him get more energy for charged attacks during his opponent’s charge attacks.

Along with the announcement that the GO Battle League will return today, Niantic also released some information on how they’ll make up the downtime to Pokemon GO players.

The first one will let you participate in six sets of battles each day for the remainder of season two. That means you’ll be able to do a total of 30 battles per day instead of the standard 25.

Also, the GO Battle League leaderboard will be temporarily disabled for the foreseeable future. This will stop cheating players from seeing how fast they’re climbing the ranks and may make it easier for Niantic to identify players who may be cheating.

Finally, there will also be two parts of…

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