Jun 13, 2020
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Persona 4 Golden has been officially released on the PC

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And the moment has finally come. After that initial leak, Atlus and SEGA have announced that Persona 4 Golden is finally available on the PC. Persona Golden 4 is a game that a lot of PC gamers wanted to play. And while there was a workaround via emulators, we can finally play it natively on our platform.

Persona 4 Golden promises meaningful bonds and experiences shared together with friends. The game sets the protagonist and his friends on a journey kickstarted by a chain of serial murders. Players will explore meeting kindred spirits, feelings of belonging, and even confronting the darker sides of one’s self.

According to its Steam page, the game supports variable framerates. However, Atlus and SEGA state Persona 4 Golden is best experienced with a game controller.

Naturally, we’ll be sure to benchmark this Persona game on the PC and share our findings. We will also share some 4K/Max screenshots from it, so stay tuned for more.

SEGA has also unveiled the game’s official PC…

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