Jun 2, 2020
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Sony Japan’s AAA “RaySpace” Rumored For PlayStation 5 Reveal

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Sony’s first-party Japan Studio has been presumed to be working on an ambitious triple-a project set in space for the past six years at least. That same project has now apparently crossed over to the next generation and will be announced exclusively for PlayStation 5 when Sony finally reveals the new console.

A lengthy post on NeoGAF recalls that Sony filed a trademark for something called “RaySpace” back in 2017. The trademark was believed to be the “unnamed space game” of Japanese developer Tsutomu Kouno which was leaked way back in 2014. The same leaker also listed God of War, Days Gone, and The Last of Us Part 2; all of which were verified down the road. The leaker in question had previously correctly claimed the remake of Shadow of the Colossus as well, further adding credibility to their sources.

RaySpace, or whatever Japan Studio is working on behind the scenes, remains to be a rumor for the time being but the amount of…

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