Jun 1, 2020
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The Outbreak’ Is A Resource Management Sim For 2020

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New Steam game, COVID: The Outbreak, promises to deliver fun and education as you take on the the role of a global organisation dealing with the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus and COVID-19.

The indie game, which has a heavy focus on resource management, will allow you “issue decrees, develop projects and construct buildings” as the “race for the vaccine begins!”

Credit: Jujubee S.A.

Created by Jujubee, the developers will be donating 20% of the game’s net Steam sales to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, along with other pandemic-related charities.

Writing on the difficult nature of the game, the team issued the following statement: “Here at Jujubee, we’ve always thought that games should address current and serious topics. In the case of our historical-documentary game KURSK we touched on the subject of the Russian submarine tragedy and to what end an arms race could lead to, in Deep Diving Simulator we focused on issues related to the ecology…

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