Jul 3, 2020
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Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode Will Be Enhanced On PC

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As the release date of the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port gets ever closer, there’s a few little other tidbits of news that are coming out about its new features. Among these are how the Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode will be enhanced on PC with the help of Nvidia.

Nvidia has created the Nvidia Ansel and Freestyle programs for its graphics card users, both of which can help you to take advantage of your games’ natural beauty like never before. Ansel is a photo mode, while Freestyle offers you a wide selection of filters.

Horizon Zero Dawn has had a photo mode since it got its Frozen Wilds DLC on the Playstation 4, but with the greater graphical power of PCs and with the dedicated photo mode of Nvidia Ansel, it’s likely the new photo mode will be much more robust and customizable.

The new Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode enhancement is made possible by the most recent update to the GeForce Experience companion app, which added compatibility with…

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