Jul 10, 2020
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Pokemon Cafe Mix Sobble Event Has Begun

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The next Pokemon Cafe Mix event has been announced. The puzzle game is tapping into the cast of Pokemon Sword and Shield again. A Pokemon Cafe Mix Sobble opportunity will appear on July 15, 2020 and give people a chance to add the water-type to their staff.

The Pokemon Cafe Mix Sobble event will be similar to the Scorbunny event that is currently active in the game. Once the event period begins, you might find yourself treated to a little scene while filling orders as usual. This will signify that the character has been spotted as a “special customer” and they will appear in the line outside your cafe for the first time.

If this event behaves as the Pokemon Cafe Scorbunny one does, then people will need to complete a puzzle for Sobble five times before they would be added to someone’s roster. It will also potentially mean a new set of Special Sobble Challenge missions, like the Scorbunny ones currently active in the game.

As for Sobble, they will have a skill similar to…

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