Jul 23, 2020
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Aeolis Tournament Review – Life of the Couch Co-Op Party

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Aeolis Tournament for Nintendo Switch

The days of couch co-op being a regular feature for titles have long since passed, but luckily we still get the occasional party title or action-platformer that continues the legacy of duking it out with friends. Finding ways to occupy your time on the weekends with friends or family can be a hassle at times, but Beyond Fun Studio’s Aeolis Tournament is worth taking a look at, even if it has its downsides.

Aeolis Tournament is an action-party title in which multiplayer madness will ensue via a simplistic control scheme and multiple modes, but a lack of diversity between the modes and stale single-player offerings hinder this otherwise enjoyable experience.

aeolis tournament review

Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, Aeolis Tournament has brought what feels like a mix between Mario Party’s mini-games and Mario Kart’s scoring system together for a tourney that will have you bickering back and forth with your fellow combatants.

The modes available to…

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