Jul 21, 2020
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Can Microsoft Use Sega’s Fog Gaming For Xbox?

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Sega was revealed last month to be working on a cloud-based platform called Fog Gaming that by design was not exactly cloud-based in the traditional sense.

What the publisher proposed was to repurpose arcade machines as makeshift data centers that would serve as a technical backbone for the Fog Gaming network. While setting up actual data centers would usually carry a steep cost, arcade machines are these days equipped with high-performance hardware that Sega can utilize for a comparatively cheap cloud-based solution.

There are two facts here that explain why an idea like Fog Gaming came to only the Sonic owner. Sega Corporation is firstly based in Japan, a country widely known for a rich arcade culture. Sega, secondly, directly operates and is affiliated with more than 200 arcade centers if not more that are spread out across Japan, all of which were upgraded only last year with a high-speed internet connection of an effective transmission…

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