Jul 17, 2020
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Death end re;Quest-related Video Promotes the Wings of Sagami

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Something seems to be happening and is connected to the Death end re;Quest series. A mysterious video offering a chance to travel to a “dream destination” with the Wings of Sagami has been stumbled upon online. As a reminder, Death end re;Quest is set in Sagami City, which is home to Enigma, the developer behind the fictional World’s Odyssey MMO.

The video is for a travel agency called Wings of Sagami and shows a number of different destinations. The description for it noted that people can now use the company to fly to Azores, Bali, and Le Choara. That last one is especially notable, as Death end re;Quest 2 involves the town’s all-girl’s dormitory, Wordsworth. The lead heroines, like Mai Toyama, live there. It also offers an email address people can contact for information, “[email protected]

Here’s the mysterious Death and re;Quest video for Wings of Sagami. Note that it calls attention to places like Arlene Reef and Vito…

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