Jul 17, 2020
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PS5 Pre-Order Date Will Be Revealed in Advance

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Sony’s Eric Lempel also says the company had “nothing to do with” the recent pre-order pages.


Along with going hands-on with the PS5’s DualSense, Geoff Keighley also interviewed Eric Lempel, senior VP of marketing at Sony, about the PS5. Lempel took the opportunity to address the console’s pre-order pages going live on Amazon Australia. He noted that, “We had nothing to do with that.”

Lempel also further talked about getting a message about how “people are lining up at stores, and we had no idea why.” Essentially, Sony won’t be announcing that PS5 pre-orders on such short notice. “We’ll let you know when pre-orders will happen. It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice. We’re going to, at some point, let you know when you can pre-order PlayStation 5.”

When asked about other colors for the DualSense, Lempel was rather cagey and said…

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