Jul 13, 2020
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You Can Get a Flamethrower by Preordering Far Cry 6

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If there’s one thing the Far Cry franchise loves it’s stirring up a revolution. Giving the user to overthrow some kind of maniacal leader. Whether that’s of a cult, a gang or a king it’s become fairly commonplace to be taking down someone who is oppressing others.

If a formula works then why change it? Far Cry 6 takes place in a country inspired by Cuba where you play a new member of a guerrilla movement against the nations ruler, Anton Castillo, played by Breaking Bad alumni, Giancarlo Esposito.

Time will tell if Far Cry 6 delivers a punchy story that shows a revolution for what it is, or if it’s just another playground of destruction. One thing is for certain though, they want you have fun whilst playing it.

Credit: Ubisoft

Looking through the pre-order site shows off a range of in-game goodies you can get hold of, including new looks for adorable companion Chorizo and even useful weapons to use, such as the Discos Locos. Which seems to be some kind of CD launching…

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