Aug 6, 2020
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Last Labyrinth PSVR Physical Copies Are in the Works

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Last Labyrinth, the VR escape room adventure with some notable folks behind it, is going to get a retail run. Strictly Limited Games is getting involved with it. There will eventually be a limited Last Labyrinth PSVR physical run, with pre-orders opening sometime in 2020.

Strictly Limited Games doesn’t have any set dates for the retail release yet. It has only confirmed that it has the rights and will make Last Labyrinth PSVR collector’s and limited editions. It didn’t mention what these special editions could contain, though a PS4 Blu-ray with the game on it seems like a safe bet.

Hiromichi Takashi, who helped create Sony’s Toro mascot and worked on Doko Demo Issyo games, created Last Labyrinth with The Last Guardian and…

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