Aug 27, 2020
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Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez Gameplay Video Published

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Bandai Namco published an early gameplay video for Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez. The 16 minute-long segment shows an early mission in the game’s storyline, where you play as Kamen Rider Double, and culminates in a boss fight against Smilodon Dopant.

Unlike the Kamen Rider: Battride War series, which had a Musou-like gameplay system where the Kamen Riders used their flashy attacks to beat hundreds of enemies at once, Memory of Heroez feels more like a beat ’em up action game. You have to beat a few enemies in order to move to the next area.

In an earlier interview with Famitsu, Producer Kentarou Matano noted that he wanted a gameplay system with the charm of attacking while continuously changing Rider forms. This resulted in the…

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