Aug 6, 2020
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Paper Mario Shangri-Spa Bug Squashed

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It is now safe to visit the Paper Mario Shangri-Spa. Nintendo released Paper Mario: The Origami King patch 1.01 and did exactly as it promised. A game-breaking bug involving the area’s fifth spring used to be able to halt the progress of people who left the area before visiting it. Now, people can come and go as they please.

Basically, what would happen is that people would collect stamps for visiting four springs in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Each one would unlock a stamp on your Shangri-Spa stamp card, which you’d trade for a VIP pass to the final spring. But, if you gave the Toad the pass to enter the Spring of Rainbows and didn’t immediately do so, the game would automatically save, you’d lose the pass, and you wouldn’t…

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