Sep 22, 2020
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Hades Best Builds Guide | SegmentNext

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To help you out with creating the best builds to power through Hades, we’ve prepared this guide with a list of all the best builds you can create for Zagreus in the game.

Hades Best Builds

If you don’t know what builds to run in Hades, farming enough blood to unlock the Infernal Arms; getting all the upgrades and eventually winning your first game can be an incredibly difficult task.

Lightning Damage Build

For this build, you’ll need to acquire the following Boons:

  • Static Discharge
  • Zeus’ Aid
  • Double Strike
  • Sea Storm (Duo)
  • Cold Fusion (Duo)
  • Splitting Bolt (Legendary)

The reason this build works so well for beginners is that you don’t actually need to aim the lightning bolts at the enemies yourself.

The lightning you’ll…

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