Sep 11, 2020
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Panzer Dragoon Remake PS4 and PC Versions ‘Coming Soon’

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More people will be able to hop onto the backs of a dragon soon. The Panzer Dragoon Remake PS4 and PC releases are on the way. An exact date isn’t available beyond the “coming soon” listed on the Twitter account. However, this does mean those who prefer PC versions will be able to get it from both GOG and Steam.

The way the tweet is phrased makes it seem like even more people could play the new version of the old rail shooter. When the PS4 and PC versions were mentioned, it said, “First up: Steam, GOG, and PlayStation 4.” When both this and the remake of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei were announced, platforms weren’t mentioned.

At the moment, the Panzer Dragoon Remake is only available via two platforms. People can pick it up on the…

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