Oct 21, 2020
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An Ancient Epic after fan backlash

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Raji: An Ancient Epic, a game that feels like a mix between Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Prince of Persia, has just been released on Steam. However, it appears that its DRM prevented a lot of gamers from actually playing it. As such, Nodding Heads Games has decided to completely remove the game’s DRM.

As Nodding Heads Games stated:

“The point of DRM is always a very sensitive topic for gamers. DRM can be vital to developers as it slows down the more unscrupulous types from pirating the game. However, even the best of DRM will have its issues. Sometimes it can block honest players who have done nothing wrong, or sometimes it can harm the game’s performance. That said, we want to be clear that our DRM did not impact…

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