Nov 15, 2020
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CoD: Black Ops Cold War Best M16 Attachments

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The CoD: Black Ops Cold War guide series continue, as we’re jumping onto a new AR-15 with 5.56mm caliber, the M16. This weapon is surprisingly good in the live version of Black Ops Cold War, unlike in the BETA. The more games we dive into, the more and more people we see adapting it as their primary weapon. But, which one of the attachments would fit this rifle the most?

Personally speaking, this gun is a laser beam, and only a couple of attachments are mandatory for it to work. On the offensive side, the only critical difference is between the “fire rate” and the “effective damage range,” I am somewhat uncertain what fits better, as both of them performed well. Another vital and compulsory skill would be the “Aim Down…

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