Nov 23, 2020
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CoD: Black Ops Cold War Best Milano Attachments

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Hey Black Ops Cold Warriors! Recently I was conducting the best attachment guide series on multiple weapons in CoD: Black Ops Cold War. Today, it’s time for the Milano SMG and its best attachments. But since the get-go, let me note that the Milano, compared to multiple other weapons, is not a very smart choice. However, being on our list, we still have to conclude this guide and list the best fitting attachments for the Milano SMG in Black Ops Cold War.

Before I continue, make sure you know why I delayed the Black Ops Cold War weapon mod guides? Throughout my weapon grind, I slowly started feeling nauseous and tired, for which I had to stall my run and go through a health check. I had to go through the Covid-19 test, which turned…

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