Nov 30, 2020
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Among Us Looks Awesome as a Game Boy Game

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The uber-popular multiplayer title that is Among Us is currently only available to play on PC and mobile devices, but what if it wasn’t 2020 and Among Us had originally come out on the Game Boy?

An animator, streamer, and YouTuber that goes by ‘LumpyTouch’ has created an impressive pixel art animation for Among Us that shows folks what could’ve been if it was released in 1990 instead of 2018.

The Game Boy demake video can be seen down below and is quite the charming throwback. It shows off four-player multiplayer by way of the iconic link cables and even the chiptune music is very appropriate, with the tracks being taken from games with moody vibes such as Metroid II, Killer Instinct, and Alien 3.

You can even see a discussion…

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