Nov 13, 2020
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First Zoids Wild Senki English Subtitled Episode Shared

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Zoids Wild Senki, the latest Zoids anime series that began airing in Japan on October 17, 2020, is getting an English release. Takara Tomy’s YouTube page shared the first episode with English subtitles. Given that this is a very brief series, where each episode is around three or four minutes long, someone can quickly pop in and begin catching up with what happened after Zoids Wild Zero.

Zoids Wild Senki is a post-apocalypse series. Due to people fighting over resources, the Republic and Empire armies went to war with Zoids to fight over what’s left. This first episode focuses on a fight involving some specific units. We get to watch the Republic’s Gilraptor LC and Empire’s Burning Liger fight against dinosaur and bug-based…

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