Nov 23, 2020
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Jump Force Yoruichi DLC Will Arrive in 2021

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Following a rather awkward introduction, due to a mishap that made certain characters available early, there’s now a more official and professional way to see the Jump Force Yoruichi DLC. Bandai Namco officially released screenshots on Facebook and Twitter and confirmed Bleach’s former 2nd Division Captain will arrive in “early 2021.”

Yoruichi is a Hakuda, Kido, and Shunpo master who is known for appearing both as a human and a cat in Bleach.We can see two of her special moves from the series are confirmed to appear as part of her moveset in Jump Force in the latest screenshots. Her Shunko: Raijin Senkei appears in some images, while we can see her Shunshin Chouhengen in another. There are also two images of her in a normal…

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