Dec 18, 2020
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Genshin Impact’s Xinyan Is Easy to Overlook

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While the Genshin Impact roster isn’t terribly deep yet, we’re at a point where it might be easy for a new character to end up benched. Maybe you already have a claymore user that works for you, like the easy-to-acquire Noelle or the generally revered Razor. It’s especially an issue if there’s a five-star out there that does what they do and is highly prized. That’s the position Genshin Impact’s Xinyan finds herself in. She can be a generally good and helpful character, but arrived at a time when people might not recognize what she can do.

First, you have to understand why Xinyan has it so rough. One of the first Genshin Impact five-star characters is Diluc, a Pyro claymore-wielder. He’s generally considered among the best…

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