Dec 22, 2020
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Watch Yoruichi in Jump Force With Her Debut Trailer

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Pictures are nice, but they aren’t the best way to see how a character might look. Which is why it might be easier to get excited about the Yoruichi Jump Force debut with an actual trailer. Bandai Namco shared a 30-second trailer that shows the “Flash Master” fighting Ichigo.

While the video is brief, it’s a pretty good indication of how Yoruichi will work in Jump Force. We see exactly what a real Shunpo Master is capable of, especially since she’s taunting her obviously less-skilled opponent in the clip. We also get to see her completely transform and use Shunkou: Raiju Senkei: Shunryu Kokubyo Senki.

We also get to hear Satsuki Yukino’s voice acting in this clip. Yukino voiced her in the series and movies. (She’s also…

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