Dec 22, 2020
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Square Enix Jazz SaGa Album Will Launch in March

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Tthe Square Enix Jazz -SaGa- album will release in Japan on March 17, 2021. This album will feature jazz arrangements of 12 songs from the entire SaGa series. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The songs featured range from ones that appeared in the first Game Boy titles—known in the West as Final Fantasy Legend—to the browser game Imperial SaGa. The arrangements are from Japanese jazz musicians Eijiro Nakagawa and Ryu Kawamura.

The full tracklist of the album is as follows:

  1. “Main Theme” from Final Fantasy Legend
  2. “At the End of the Decisive Battle” from Final Fantasy Legend II
  3. “Sewers” from Romancing SaGa
  4. “Final Battle With Saruin” from Romancing SaGa
  5. “Last Battle” from Romancing SaGa 2
  6. “Podorui” from Romancing SaGa…

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