Jan 12, 2021
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Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Is Back & It’s Worse Than Ever

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Warzone isn’t a stranger to a glitch or exploit. Being able to duplicate Juggernaut suits, fly helicopters under the map, or become completely invisible are all things that have cropped up over the 10 months since the mode launched. None of those are as infamous as the Infinite Stim Glitch however, which has returned once more this week, and it’s more widespread than ever.

The glitch has reared its ugly head a few times already. It first infiltrated Modern Warfare’s multiplayer last July, before appearing in Warzone in early October and mid-November, only to be patched a few days later each time.

The stim glitch lets you sit in the gas anywhere on the map, healing yourself with the Medical Syringe tactical item over and over…

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