Jan 13, 2021
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Rat Disaster Is A Zombie Movie With Lots And Lots Of Rats

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A wonderful trailer has been released for Chinese horror movie Rat Disaster, which is all about zombie rats. Lovely!

Image: Rat Disaster Movie
Image: Rat Disaster Movie

If it wasn’t bad enough that I’d often see rats in a nearby pond during the walk to school with my son, someone has made a movie about zombified versions of the rodent creatures. Thanks for that.

Upon watching this trailer I get instant Resident Evil: Outbreak intro vibes as seen in the video below (I’m basically using this moment as an excuse to share this amazing cinematic).

However in terms of the movie world, the Chinese horror movie ‘Rat Train’ aka ‘Rat Disaster’ has some serious World War Z vibes and from what I hear (thanks Bloody Disgusting) some influences from South…

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