Jan 14, 2021
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Gamers Are Creating A Brand New Campaign For Portal 2

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Dedicated fans are making a brand new campaign for the beloved Valve platform-puzzler, Portal 2.

It’s quite crazy to think that Portal 2 released nearly 10 years ago in April of 2011. It’s now a decade later and fans are still finding new ways to have fun with this all-time classic.

Image: Portal 2 Desolation Mod

The new campaign in question is a mod called Desolation (not to be confused with Smaug).  According to a newly-released gameplay trailer, Portal 2: Desolation has been in development for “several years” and even features a new Portal gun called ARM.

An exclusive first look at the ambitious upcoming Portal 2 mod Desolation, featuring action-packed puzzle gameplay and a new cybernetic Portal Gun called the ARM,” reads the description for the…

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