Jan 14, 2021
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Rockstar Insider Claims GTA 6 Will Have Female Protagonist

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A source who is reportedly close to an insider at Rockstar has claimed that the rumours regarding a female protagonist in GTA 6 are true.

GTA 5 Image
Credit: Rockstar Games

This latest claim about Rockstar’s future sandbox title joins a host of other rumours surrounding the game, with others claiming that GTA 6 will take players back to sunny Vice City.

YouTuber Legacy Killa made the tweet on Tuesday this week, claiming that they know “someone in the know”.

woman in gta 5
Credit: Rockstar Games

Following a previous tweet fuelled with sarcastic GTA 6 predictions, Legacy Killa tweeted the following:

“On a more serious note, the leaks the last few years of a female protagonist being featured are true. I can verify that someone in the know, a few years ago…

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