Jan 18, 2021
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Genshin Impact Exploit Found in Hypostatic Symphony Event

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Genshin Impact Exploit

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Players of the free-to-play miHoYo title, Genshin Impact, have discovered an exploit that may be an unintended benefit to the newly introduced Hypostatic Symphony event thanks to the design of the boss encounters. [Thanks, GameRant!]

In the new event, players face variations of the game’s Hypostasis enemy. One such variation is the Violet Lightning Concerto, which counters electro damage with AOE electro damage and can be faced in both single player and cooperative modes. At the start of that fight, player characters automatically have their health bars and Elemental Burst gauges filled to max. This bonus also applies to other Hypostatic Symphony challenges. While this effect can aid players against the…

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