Jan 21, 2021
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Making Do With Genshin Impact’s Noelle

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Congratulations, Genshin Impact players! If you’ve been with the game for a while and pulling on banners, odds are you have a Noelle. After all, the permanent Beginner’s Wish banner appears for 20 pulls and guarantees you get at least one of her. If you’re like me and have been pulling for certain characters, you might have ended up with a lot of them due to Ganyu’s Adrift in the Harbor or Klee’s Sparkling Steps banners.

Maybe you even somehow ended up with seven of them, unlocking all six of Noelle’s Constellations.

So… what do you do with Genshin Impact’s Noelle? Especially since, well, Geo might not be as immediately valuable in-game at the moment and there are both better attackers and healers? After spending about…

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