Jan 25, 2021
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Minecraft’s ‘Herobrine’ World Seed Discovered By Fans

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A Minecraft world seed that is said to contain the infamous “Herobrine” NPC has been discovered by a player, according to a report by PCGamer.

Steve Minecraft
Credit: Mojang

“Herobrine” first emerged as a creepypasta back in 2010. It tell of a dead-eyed version of Steve thought to be the ghost of Notch’s dead brother (who, FYI, doesn’t exist). While the whole thing is just a scary story to tell in the dark, the in-game world that “Herobrine” supposedly haunted is as real as the game itself, in the form of a “seed”. 

For those unfamiliar with Minecraft, “seeds” are essentially blueprints for specific randomly generated worlds. Each time a world is generated, it is assigned a code, which can be used to recreate the…

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