Feb 27, 2021
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Portal And Among Us Collide With This GLaDOS Mod

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Every week, I feature mods as part of our Mod Corner segment to highlight some of the coolest fan creations out there that I can find. Given that I reviewed Among Us and can’t stop talking about the sus little jelly bean astronaut game and my undying love for Portal, finding one mod that blends the two franchises was definitely something I couldn’t pass up sharing! With this Among Us mod, GLaDOS from the Portal franchise has officially joined the party. 

Unlike the Star Wars Battlefront II x Among Us mod, this won’t transform every character into something else. Instead, it brings GLaDOS — the maniacal AI with a grudge and a hilarious sarcastic streak — into the world of tasks and murder: 

Now, we just need a Wheatley added in,…

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