Feb 10, 2021
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Genshin Impact Xiao Lantern Crafting Materials Revealed

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One of the key items people will need to get during the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite events is the Xiao Lantern. This is essentially a sort of in-game event currency. For example, people will need one each time they want to participate in the Theater Mechanicus tower defense minigame. Now, miHoYo shared what goes into one.

To start, people will need to take on a special quest called The Origin of the Lanterns in Liyue Harbor. You’ll learn the crafting recipe for the item after. If you go to the crafting bench near Timaeus in Mondstadt or next to the Teleport Waypoint in the southern half of Liyue Harbor, you can make a Xiao Lantern if you have the right materials.

There are three things you need to make a Xiao Lantern for the…

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