Feb 26, 2021
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SMITE Update 11.70 February 26 Released

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While gods and goddesses just got a new SMITE patch earlier this week that brought in Tiamat and a host of other stuff, Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 11.70 February 26 patch! As expected, this patch has been rolled out for fixes.

SMITE Update 11.70 February 26 Patch Notes:

Here’s Hi-Rez Sudios’ latest announcement regarding today’s patch:

  • Smite: We are investigating an acquisition issue with the Season Pass 2021
  • Smite: The team is still hard at work nailing down the intermittent issues affecting logins after this morning’s maintenance.

In addition to that, the Hi-Rez support Twitter has also acknowledged crossplay issues and says it’s now resolved

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