Feb 18, 2021
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Splatoon 3 – the newest addition to the Switch Family

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Nintendo had their Direct presentation, and they did not disappoint. At the very end of it, they splashed us with a new reveal. This time, they revealed a new game in the popular multiplayer series called Splatoon 3.

Its trailer is unlike any we have ever seen. It is the opposite of what we are used to. The trailer does not begin with a song that will be stuck in our brains for days. Instead, we are seeing an inkling girl alone in a desert. The player then chooses the full appearance of the inkling girl, and then the game begins.

The first few bits of the game are set in Inkopolis, but the setting then continues to Splatlands, a new region that is yet to be explored. In the very center of this region, we can see Splatsville, more…

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