Mar 4, 2021
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Apex Legends Season 8 gets a solo queue option

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Apex Legends’ upcoming season will finally allow players to tackle the Battle Royale game mode solo. If you’re tired of playing with friends, you’ll no longer be pushed to, as Season 8 allows players to play alone. Season 8 is full of new things, and we’re so excited to dive into it.

How does this precisely work? Well, if you’re not with a teammate and you’re queueing during No-Fill matchmaking ticked, players queue up entirely alone. Below you can find how exactly works:

In the lobby, you’ll now see a checkbox entitled “Fill Matchmaking”. This means the matchmaking system will attempt to fill your squad to Duos or Trios, whichever you queued for. This is how the game has worked up to this point, and will be the…

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