Mar 5, 2021
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How The Marvel’s Avengers Game Can Turn It Around

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Marvel’s Avengers has an incredible single-player story, which made it very odd that Square Enix chose to market the Crystal Dynamics game heavily as a multiplayer experience. With so much of a focus on playing with friends, the endgame component of the Marvel game left little to be desired. Many felt that the grind was not worth the effort, a problem that games like Destiny 2 have faced, and with the response to those complaints being to make the title even more of a grind, we couldn’t help but wonder what the heck the studio is doing and offer up a few things we’d like to see to help them turn it around. 

How can Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics make Marvel’s Avengers good again? 

The single-player story of Marvel’s Avengers,…

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