Mar 5, 2021
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Valve stops development for the reboot of Artifact

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Artifact is a beleaguered card-battler based off of Magic: The Gathering, which got released back in 2018 didn’t make much of a name for itself. The original version of Artifact, designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, and the player count wasn’t living up to its name.

Valve announced that they were going to bring back this game through their reboot, called Artifact 2.0. which would a new three-lane view, a new draft mode, and, most significantly, would drop the ability to purchase cards and packs.

However, Valve has ceased development for Artifact 2.0.

While we’re reasonably satisfied we accomplished most of our game-side goals, we haven’t managed to get the active player numbers to a level that justifies…

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